When passion takes control, dreams become reality.

HERS was born out of passion for art, top-class craftsmanship and excellent materials. In a world full of replicability, we create things which are beautiful and unique, which reflect your individual character and style. We tell your story through cuts, stitches and brush strokes.

In the world of HERS it’s you who becomes the artist and designer. We offer fully personalized designs, which let you choose from an unmatched array of colors, details and patterns. We want the products we create for you to be unique, so we use only high quality natural materials and rely on knowledge and experience of generations of craftsmen.


Modern sensitivity combined with traditional craftsmanship.

We are a team of designers, artists and craftsmen, united by the passion and love for beauty. We pay attention to every detail and value traditional craftsmanship and artisanship. We believe in the limitless freedom of art. We fulfill the dreams of our customers, bringing to life even the most complex and refined designs.

The HERS brand was born from the cooperation of two young artists. Karol Jucha continues the tradition of shoemaking craftsmanship practiced in his family for three generations. He studied shoemaking at one of Italy’s best schools. Tetiana Paruzel, by education a diplomat and fashion designer, brings to HERS designs inspired by the beauty of nature and art and gives them a fresh, fashion-forward look.

LUXURY it’s a possibility of choice of high quality product and not brand recognition. Highest quality of materials, craftsman work on details aiming outstanding user comfort and a chance to show Yours individuality through the wear it is the key to luxury according to me.

Tetiana Paruzel

I appreciate the way to perfection. I know what the final effect I expect and I know what to do to achieve it. It takes a lot of knowledge, capacity and time to create luxury products. For me it is a lifestyle and HERS is a brand that reflects that.

Karol Jucha